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The note-taking app for (lucid) dreams

Oneironotes is a freely available, private dream journal application for tracking, storing and analyzing your nightly dreamscape.

A complete dream journal app
with power features

The more dreams you write in your journal, the more visible your personal "dreamscape" will become! Oneironotes will help you with adding and reviewing your dreams, tagging dreamsigns, and detecting patterns.

  • Dream Editor

    Distraction-free, dark editor with a font adjusted to writing your dreams at night.

  • Secure & Private Digital Journal

    All your notes are encrypted and cannot be read by anyone but you.

  • Access Anywhere, Using Any Device

    No installation necessary. When logged in, your notes will be backed up automatically (secure cloud sync).

Everything you need
for empowering conscious dreams

Much like becoming fit, developing your dream memory and becoming lucid mostly depends on your own, personal effort. However, just like a good gym and personal trainer can make it easier to become swole, so can Oneironotes help you master the art of oneironautics.

  • Annotation Power

    Tag your personal dreamsigns and other dream elements and classify them according to LaBerge's system.

  • Visualize Your Dreamscape

    After about a week of journaling, a network of dream patterns will reveal itself...

  • Become Lucid

    Leverage the power of their dreams by taking conscious control.

Learn to lucid dream at home, in your own time and at your own pace. In the Oneironotes app you will find a complete 30-day Online Course in Lucid Dreaming, hosted by Tim Post (Snoozon).

Frequently asked questions

Lucid dreams are dreams in which you know that you're dreaming. And once you're lucid, you can consciously dream about anything you desire. Watch Tim's TEDx talk about lucid dreaming.

A dream journal is the primary tool in the arsenal of the "oneironaut". Keeping a journal will help you train your dream recall and it will provide you with feedback on your progress, keep your (lucid) dream reports safe, and it can be used in later stages to discover your recurring dreamsigns.

Nobody but you! The app was built with privacy & security in mind: everything you write is securely encrypted in the browser before it is synchronised with the server. Your password is used for the encryption.

The trade-off for a secure journal is that losing your password means losing your notes. We can still recover your account for you, but we cannot recover the encrypted dreams.

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